wordpress 5.1 add class to insert link widget

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I have created text widget also i have added link but i could’t add class for a href. Here is my widget code.

register_sidebar( array(
        'name'              => __('Getsick Section', 'name') ,
        'id'                => 'name_getsick_section',
        'description'       => __('Shows widgets Getsick Section.', 'name'),
        'before_widget'     => '<section class="homePanel homepanelTwo skybluebg"><div class="container-fluid"><div class="row no-gutters h_row h26vw">',
        'after_widget'      => '<a href="before-you-get-sick"  class="more-arrow">More<span class="arrow-parent"><i class="fas fa-arrow-right HomeArrowStyle"></i></span></a></div>',
        'before_title'      => '<div class="hroundBx h_row_inner wleft"><div class="roundBx orangebg"><h2 class="h2">',
        'after_title'       => '</h2></div></div><div class="mt55 h_row_inner  hrowtext pad_R wright orderLastForDesktop">',
    )   );

How can i add add class for Insert/Edit link

Read more here:: wordpress 5.1 add class to insert link widget

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