Unique one time use URL

I’ve been searching for solution to my problem but posts already made are not fulfilling the answer to me, or I’m just not qualified enough to work this out.
Here is what I need:

I’ve got a simple landing page with a form. What I need is a way to create unique url’s for people I choose so only they can access this site and fill out the form. URL has to be active only for 7 days and once used, deactivated immediately. The unique URL’s should work a long, which means at the same time I can generate multiple URL’s.

The other way to approach this problem is to generate many passwords that I can send to people I choose. Same story – every password is unique and works only once. Page is password restricted and when user puts the password in it’s no longer active.

The best possible addition to this would be – deactivating / expiring the URL / visitor access the moment they send the form

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