Regular XML-RPC timeouts

I am hoping to get some tips for troubleshooting this annoying timeout issue.


Windows 2012 R2 with IIS
PHP 7.3
MySQL 5.7 5.3.2
WP is configured as network with 5 sites using subdomains

Publishing client: OpenLiveWriter

The symptom is that after working with the XMLRPC interface, maybe about 20 publishes along with maybe twice as many listings of existing posts, OpenLiveWriter will time out and fail with the “Unable to connect to remote server” message.

If I wait a period of time (in hours), I can continue my work until it begins timing out again, then I have to wait again. Sometimes without waiting too long, I can manage to list 50 posts from the blog, but trying to list 100 posts will cause it to time out. Trying to open a post will cause the same. To me, this seems like a memory leak that gets flushed out over time. The more time you allow, the more you can get done until it fills up again.

The problem is, I can’t find out how to clear this memory on my own. IISRESET doesn’t do it. Stopping and restarting MySQL doesn’t do it. Task Manager doesn’t show any excessive CPU or memory usage during the unavailability. IIS logs don’t show any abnormal requests that might suggest an attack. To be certain, I IP-filtered xmlrpc.php to only my IP address. This has not changed the behavior. WP and PHP logs show no errors. All blogs can be browsed while the XMLRPC is unavailable.

I have full access to the server and these blogs are in migration, so I can take some drastic measures if needed, but I’d rather not lose the effort I have put in migrating the hundreds of posts so far.

Let me know how you would troubleshoot this. Maybe a recommendation for a different publishing client?

Thanks for your insights!

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