Problem with permalinks getting reset

I’m having a problem with a website I recently published ( I did all of the development work on a test subdomain and everything was working ok. Then I backed up the existing site that was up at the domain, moved the new files over to the live site htdocs folder, and updated the database links. After fixing a few problems the new site seemed to be running ok.

The problem is that the (post name) permalinks seem to keep getting reset and I get 404 errors. If I re-save permalinks everything works for a while. Then 20 or 30 minutes later I start getting 404 errors again.

During development I had the site password protected so I wasn’t running with security plugins activated. Before going live I activated WordFence, iThemes Security, and Anti-Malware. I’ve set up several other sites with these three plugins without problems. I tried deactivating all of these and resetting the .htacess file to the default settings, but the problem keeps happening. I also temporarily activated Yoast SEO, but have since deactivated that plugin and left it deactivated.

I had a look at the Apache error and access logs on the server but no issues are jumping out at me. The site is hosted at Does anyone have ideas what the problem might be?

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