Please sanitize, escape, and validate your POST calls

I have an issue with my POST/GET/REQUEST Method that will need resolved before wordpress team will approve plugin. I am using setting api to save my plugin options.

Mail Receiving from wordpress

When you include POST/GET/REQUEST/FILE calls in your plugin, it’s important to sanitize, validate, and escape them. The goal here is to prevent a user from accidentally sending trash data through the system, as well as protecting them from potential security issues.

SANITIZE: Data that is input (either by a user or automatically) must be sanitized. This lessens the possibility of XSS vulnerabilities and MITM attacks where posted data is subverted.

VALIDATE: All data should be validated as much as possible. Even when you sanitize, remember that you don’t want someone putting in ‘dog’ when the only valid values are numbers.

ESCAPE: Data that is output must be escaped properly, so it can’t hijack admin screens. There are many esc_*() functions you can use to make sure you don’t show people the wrong data.

To help you with this, WordPress comes with a number of sanitization and escaping functions. You can read about those here:

Remember: You must use the MOST appropriate functions for the context. If you’re sanitizing email, use sanitize_email(), if you’re outputting HTML, use esc_html(), and so on.

Clean everything, check everything, escape everything, and never trust the users to always have input sane data.

Read more here:: Please sanitize, escape, and validate your POST calls

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