How to hide that I’m using WordPress to my website visitors?

In order to improve a website’s security, what are the steps to completely “hide” that I’m using WordPress to any user who might inspect the html code?

I thought about that:

hide the WP generator meta tag
change the wp-admin and wp-login urls?
change the wp-content url in any media (images, plugins and template files)
What else?

Use get_posts() to get an array of images (from each post)

I’m trying to access each post’s attached images (even those without an attached image, I want a string if no images.).

I’ve got the following code, which is a foreach loop, and for every post it should post the title and attachment link.

However, it posts the same title twice (because there’s two posts in the database).

$args = array( );

$get_info = get_posts( $args );

foreach ( $get_info as $x ) {
echo the_title();
echo the_attachment_link();

Would anyone know why there’s not an attachment link and that it’s posting the same title, twice?

how to both crop (with tool) and resize thumbnails having only a max width constrain?

I can’t found my very problem in other threads. I’ll try to explain:

want to use thumbnails MAX 400px width. That means that CAN be 400px, but not always they should be 400px width. They can be even less. So, say, in the same page, one thumb 400px, one 320px and one 350px.
want to crop them using the wordpress crop tool.
Till now, I’ve been able to get the thumbs both correctly cropped and 400px. What I can’t get is a thumb less than 400px (I’ve setted that width in the media options). In other words, wordpress always set the thumb to 400px, despite of how I edited the images. I would like it to consider 400px only the max width instead, so I can edit and image to to have the thumb cropped (I mean with the edit tool) and resized say, to 320px.
Another way to say it: I want wordpress to serve the thumbs 400px width only if I didn’t resized them less than 400px.

Is there any way to do it?

I’m a programmer, and I can eventually use code to filter out content, but still I can’t figure out the exact way of doing it.

Woocommerce split billing adress to streetname and number

I want to split the customer field billing_address to billing_streetname and billing_streetnumber. I have managed to do manage it in the front-end with add_filter, but on several other places (in the admin orders listing, admin user detail panel), how can show it? Googling doesn’t give me any results, only a plugin which can make it possible.

Thanks in advance!