“Multiple Page Quiz”-plugin with audio?

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I know this is a very specific search, but I’m hoping to find something very close to it. I have googled a lot on this, but without luck. Can you guys maybe help?

I’m looking for a “Multiple Page Quiz” plugin (for WordPress) where I can create a quiz with the following settings:

  • 25 question cases (random order and each case on its own page)
  • Each case has an image with a description (describes the image) which is read out loud
  • Each case has 2-4 questions which are read out loud
  • Each question has 2 answers as radio buttons (“Yes” and “No”)
  • When gone through all 25 cases you can either fail or pass (depending how many correct cases the user gets)

I have attached an example of a “question case”. You can also see a live example here: https://prove.dk/free-test

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