Multiple amp-image overlays. How to properly do this in wordpress?



I want to:

Add multiple overlays to an image, on a page, created with gutenberg, rendered as amp-img on the frontend. I want this kind of end result, but added through gutenberg.
When tapped on mobile (I realize I’m going to need to add amp-events for this), or hovered on desktop, I want to display a content-div, preferably on top of the image, in the bottom left corner. Iv’e accomplished about half of this, but I still can’t get the info div to display when hovering the corresponding overlay.
Make sure the overlay-divs are correctly positioned and shaped on different screen sizes since I’m using a responsive design. Seems like I’ve managed to do this myself already.

Expected vs actual results


Thought I was going to be able to simply add a custom html block in gutenberg, with a “hacked” amp-img tag containing the hmtl part in the jsbin.


I’m completely unable to control (input any element within the amp-img) the output of the amp-img tag. When I try to add the amp-img tags manually, it gets removed from the page on the front-end, due to amp-errors.


If I try to add the amp-img tag manually, using a custom html block in gutenberg, The content gets removed due to amp-errors.

What I’ve tried

Well you can see the jsbin for a general conclusion on the current state of affairs. Next, I’ll try to disable the amp-error that stops the custom html from rendering. If that doesn’t work, I think I’m going to have to change strategy altogether. Possibly creating a page-pagename.php template, and entering the content from the jsbin directly through there.


See this jsbin

Conclusion / The questions

Adding an amp-img with content inside the tag – Is this simply something that’s not supposed to be done?
Can it be done from gutenberg, and if so, can it be done using any kind of good practice?

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