How to do a searchable database of links?

not sure how to go about something. There is a WP website I’m involved into, it’s a scholarly database of thousands of links and for now those links are divided in couple of pdf docs which is not the best solution.

I want to make take all of those links from pdfs, incorporate them somehow in WP and make it searchable. I know I can use a plugin for that the search part of it.
What I’m not sure about is what to do with those links, how to incorporate them into the website. I was thinking to create a custom post(like database)and then use those posts to thematically categorize links. I wouldn’t want those posts to show up on the frontend(as there wouldn’t be nothing but links), just want them to be searchable so that links related to xyz keyword show up in search results when someone is searching for that particular keyword. Those links are actually in text form, not in url form, so the keywords should be pulled out of words that are in those links.

Would it work like that? If you have a better solution, please let me know! Would prefer to avoid coding as my coding skills are limited to html and css.


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