How can I build my own job posting plugin?

I’m looking for a way to create my own job posting plugin where someone can add, remove or edit jobs on the back-end of a WordPress-website. I also need the ability to store the entries somewhere in the back-end so the administrator can view them + send an email with all the information that was filled in into the apply-form to the person responsible for this. I tried some plugins I found online, but none of them suit what I’m looking for.

How I see it, I would create a custom post type for the jobs and use a form-plugin to create the application-form. A hidden field would then capture the job title so I can retrieve which job offer they applied for and save this in the back-end + add this information to the email that is sent.

Is this the best way to do this or does someone know a better way? Ideally I want to make this plugin as general as possible so I can use it with different clients.

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