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Add a print button in place of buy button on my site wordpress

I would have the same things in this blog of deals : when i click on view button the product it well be showing

How to redirect a HTTP site to HTTPS site using 301 redirect instead of 302

I have a woocommerce website that is using https. The https if being redirected using a 302 redirect and I need to change this to

Custom WordPress site on Windows IIS error

I posted another question similar, but found out we are using a Windows Server to run the WordPress site on. We have a custom wordpress

Adding a "module" link on the header of a wordpress site

Im trying to edit this wordpress site: to have a link at the top of the site similar to this website: I haven’t

Custom WordPress site load error

My company had a custom wordpress site created and when we are trying to load it into a wordpress server, the pages are not loading.

After moving the wordpress site to different server admin section is blank

I recently moved one wordpress site to a different server. After moving to different server the frontend works well but the admin section is blank.

there is a white margin on the right side of my site

There ARE other questions regarding this issue. However, each one seems to have an individual answer, because the answers found do not work. Just scroll

Using cform ajax displaying Cascaded Dropdown [Same like this site :

Using cform ajax displaying Cascaded Dropdown [Same like this site : Read more here: Using cform ajax displaying Cascaded Dropdown [Same like this site

Get site owner meta to show publically on front end in multisite? using "user meta shortcodes" plugin

I’ve searched all over for a fix and have had no luck. Im using the “User Meta Shortcodes” plugin to display user meta. The plugin

Open graph configurations for a multi-author wordpress site

I have fifteen authors in my client’s wordpress blog and he wishes to show author’s name too when shared on facebook like this: I

How can I remove the horizontal scroll bar on my WordPress site?

I have recently all of a sudden had a horizontal scroll bar show up on the bottom of my website. Does anyone know how to

Localhost URL working, Test site URL not working

Hi guys I am having an issue with a URL. Basically on my localhost the setup is as follows: Start on this file: single-course.php when

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