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How should I set up a new WordPress Theme without working on the live site?

I’m trying to set up a new theme but don’t want to make the changes live until it is completely configured. I came across a

I want to create a php page on my WordPress site, that I ajax load content from.

I want to set up a page with a variety of divs, with each containing specific shortcodes. It would be set up as follows: <div

Site goes back to homepage when you dont include the www

I have made multiple pages in my WordPress site but whenever I go to these pages without the www in the beginning the site always

Allowing artists to create their own events on label site

I am creating a record label website using the RePlay theme ( I can create events and assign them to specific artists, but I would

Changing the language for each individual site in wordpress multisite

I currently have a multisite setup and I currently have two sites, one is English (default) and the other I want it to be French.

good practice for geolocation based wordpress site

I’m going to revamp my company website. But before that, my superior need me to draft a plan. Here is my requirements. The site will

buidl a geolocation wordpress site

I’m going to revamp my company website. But before that, my superior need me to draft a plan. Here is my requirements. The site will

Why won’t wp_enqueue_scripts work on one site but it will another?

I wrote a pretty basic plugin and I’ve tested it a local site (running through MAMP) and on a live site. When I install the

Really slow WordPress site

I am almost done creating a website running with WordPress and WooCommerce. Unfortunately, the site is loading really, really slow. Loading a page easily takes

How to integrate Youhosting on my WP site

I am using Youhosting for webhosting reselling.. I am using Mega host WordPress theme.. on WxW (dot) in You can find it here -

User Driven Site by paid / free profiles best approach suggestions

I am starting to whiteboard out and brainstorm a large site I am doing for a client, and I have a bunch of different conflicting

wordpress site suddenly show An unexpected error occurred. Something may be wrong with or this server’s configuration

I have one website on wordpress i.e few days back suddenly it shows some error when ever i m trying to install new plugin,

Charity WordPress site - Paypal donation, social media share + email capture

Im looking to build a charity site in wordpress. I would like to build a donation page with the below functionality; Enter Name Enter Email

How to check login session of a PHP app in a WordPress site?

I have a WordPress as well as a PHP custom application installed on a same server. Suppose, the wordpress installation is at and the

Getting WordPress and XAMPP to run a different site

I’ve recently installed XAMPP and the WordPress plugin to run a site locally that exists on a different machine. I’ve downloaded the source code into

Want to add location to Qestion and answer site

I wanted segregate questions and answers based on location . eg cities , states etc. Was trying to find a wordpress plugin for the same.

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