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Unable to create directory wp-content/uploads/2014/07. Is its parent directory writable by the server?

Hi anyone can help me for this issue , i have develop a site in a development server and my client wants to change it

Breadcrumb display subcategory in parent category page

I’am using Avante theme for my WP website. All my posts have two categories : Main category and subcategory ◊ The problem is that my

How to display list of child pages with parent in wordpress?

I have following format of subpages in wordpress: About Us -Services -Products -Surgery I want to list all subpages with parent page like above but

Variable Parent drop-down stay open showing All Attributes no matter what child is selected.

I’m trying to figure out how to keep the parent drop-down to always show the attributes no matter what size is chosen via the child

WordPress - custom post type, displaying the parent and child categories

So I’m reasonably new to WordPress, but have been able to solve most issues by myself up until now. I have a custom post type

../../tag/parent/wordpress child theme styles.css does not want to override parent style.css

my child theme styles.css does not want to override parent style.css. I am working with the wordpress theme twenty fourteen . I have created a

CPT parent page

I have a CPT page called ‘Products’ and and normal WordPress page called ‘products’. Does anybody know how to make a CPT page have a

Featured Images link to post parent

I want to reuse featured images for new posts. So a single featured image from the media library is attached to more than one post.

How to display list of child pages of parent page in wordpress?

I have following format of menu. Treatment -Beauty --Services --Products -Surgery -washing I have followed follwed following link: How to Display a List of Child

Overriding a WordPress parent function that isn’t tied to any actions

I have a parent theme function as follows: /*-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------*/ /* Display first image linked portfolio */ /*-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------*/ function ct_first_image_linked_portfolio() { $photo = ct_get_post_image(); global $ct_options;

Overriding parent theme javascript from child theme

My parent theme has a script in includesjscustom.js, and I am trying to override this from my child theme. I can see from my parent

How to retrieve posts from parent category, splitting them per children when displayed?

I have a WordPress database with three categories: ID 3 : Europe ID 4 : France (child of 3) ID 5 : Paris (child of

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