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Woocommerce endpoints in a page

My website recently upgraded from Woocommerce 1.9 to 2.1. Woocommerce is no longer using shortcodes but instead endpoints. My question: how can I call a

Woocommerce product category description on products page

I am working on woocommerce and I am trying to display product’s category description on products page, not the single product page but on page

WordPress Blog page not displaying posts

I am customising a WordPress blog page from a theme and for some reason it doesn’t display the posts I am posting now, just ones

Page without directory in WordPress. how?

when I create pages on WordPress where the WordPress make directories I mean when you have a page there is a directory too for eg.

Sorting Custom Posts on Archive page with pagination

I’ve got custom taxonomy archive pages with a drop down list that allows users to re-order/sort the posts. It basically waits for the user to

Image quality losses when a image embed to wordpress page

Hi I’m creating a wordpress website. When i added a image to wordpress page, its quality totally lost. its look like blurred image. The image

edit "order items" on woo-commerce order detail page

i want to display custom fields data on order detail page under heading “order Items” Please help me how and where need to edit page

WordPress is suppressing page extensions!

I’ve built 2 sites on WordPress. In both of them, I did two things: Created a slug for each page. In Settings > Permalink Settings,

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