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How to adjust homepage widget area with css

I am working on a homepage that has three widget areas, I would like to make them all equal widths using css and keep the

CSS and Images won’t load properly on WordPress

So I have my own theme with custom templates, and I tested my pages using my laptop and it works. But when I connect my

create two column responsive css html design that merges into 1 column when shrunk or viewed on mobile device

So i’m not very web savvy, Im creating a FAQ page on my WordPress site, and I want to make a responsive two column layout

How to add id for specific item with css

Hi I have a sidebar in my wordpress site based on this plugin: How I do a custom css id for specific items at

My nav stopped working - CSS mods and JQuery error

So I’m modifying the WooThemes Function theme using a child theme setup. I wanted to modify how the top nav and main nav appeared at

hSite has no css on mobile

Our WP site got hacked and we’ve been working with our hosting to clean all malware etc. However, now the site appears on desktop fine,

Adding to a Scroll to menu items in css

I am using wordpress and have about 8 menu items and due to how the theme has been designed, some of the menu items (in

Responsive css issue (Foundation framework)

This might be a silly question, I am quite confident in CSS and am starting to learn more about Javascript, essentially I am trying to

CSS code to change the Navigation bar and menu using Divi theme

I would like to change my websites Navigation bar and drop down menu.Please provide me css code to put in epanel->Custom CSS. I’m Using Divi

WordPress submenu CSS color

I want to add white color on submenu text, it shows white but on hovering. Please inspect the code and let me know CSS that

CSS - Only three item in each column in drop-down submenu

I’m using WordPress and I need submenu where in each column will be only three items. That mean when I have 7 items, there will

Functions.php in child theme that loads CSS file breaks website

I created a child theme and created a functions.php file in the child theme directory that also has the required style.css file and a seperate

CSS: right float not working correctly

I have flash game website, I want to add google adsense ads left and right sides of the game. I did it left side well

CSS: float:right not working correctly

I have flash game website, I want to add google adsense ads left and right sides of the game. I did it left side well

Responsive Navigation Menu CSS display errors.

I’m working in some grey area here with a responsive menu solution … for whatever reason, the menu does not seem to want to “open”

editor style css and page template with and without sidebar

I have two page templates in my custom theme. Full width template and Default template. Full width template does not have side bar and is

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