I have a blog at www.exeideas.com where I am sharing codes snippet too. I am new to WordPress and migrated from Blogger. So now my all codes shared in posts stop working. When I check my codes then found that all was fin but just Apostrophe, Quotation and, Dash are changes that is causing to stop my codes. I am sharing below what I am getting and what I want.

  1. I am getting ' and want '.
  2. I am getting and want ".
  3. I am getting and want '.
  4. I am getting and want -.

Now tell me what to do to fix this out. My code box CSS is given below.

#execodediv0 {width:99%;max-height:300px;border:3px solid black;overflow:auto;font: 12px Arial!important;word-wrap:break-word;}

Read more here: How To Add Perfect Apostrophe And Quotation Mark In WordPress Posts?


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