Don’t replace “|” with “(empty)” when generating slugs from title?

Hi 🙂 I work for an architecture company and our project names mostly go like this: house|something, bridge|somewhere, building|whatever.
Now, when I want to add a new “project” named like that, WordPress automatically converts it to housesomething, bridgesomewhere and puts that as the slug. I’d much prefer to keep some kind of separator, e.g. house-something, bridge-somewhere is what I want.

So, how to make WordPress convert “|” to “-” and not “(empty)”?
I’m obviously tired of doing that manually all the time.

It seems to me that it’s very simple to do – takes just a simple search and replace kind of thing – if one knows where to look (in the WP core or wherever), but I haven’t the slightest idea where to look, or what code to execute.

So please, if anybody knows, be so kind to help. 🙂

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