Converting plugin to download data on server side

I have been ding everything to find a solution but there appears to be nothing evident…

I have created a form which requires a signature at the bottom and have created the full form with html and jQuery.

I have also added some jQuery which converts the html to a PDF. The issue is that the PDF downloads on the client side browser and I need the PDF to come to me.

My understanding is that due to being on a shared hosting package I do not have relevant server access to upload the likes of wkhtmltopdf.
Or… will it work if I upload that file to /wp-contents/?

Anyway… The whole script I have has been done via jQuery and I am trying to find a work around so that the PDF comes to me either via email or downloaded straight into a folder fo my choosing.

I was wondering…

Is it possible to convert a plugin to do this? again, the plugins in the wordpress store all download PDFs to client side, I was looking at –

Or instead of converting to PHP, can I convert it to an image or something different via jQuery and have it sent to me rather than the client?

Read more here:: Converting plugin to download data on server side

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