Combine multiple separate lists into one

I have a custom query for my taxonomy of:

$terms = get_terms(
‘taxonomy’ => “issueCompanion”,
‘hide_empty’ => false,

which returns an array of publications (think along the lines of monthly magazines). I have an advanced custom field on the taxonomy by the name of published_year in which the user types a string of the year the magazine was published in.

In order to get the year on each taxonomy, I run this code within a for loop:

$year = get_field(‘published_year’, $term)

I’m having trouble combining the two different requests into one loop without one thing or another showing up several times.

I need to create a single page in which I am showing the year, and then list all publications that match that year, like so:

Publication xxx
Publication xxx
Publication xxx

I would be most grateful for any input that helps me combine the two into one.

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