Change links automatically to affiliate links

My goal:

I want external links to shops I’m affiliated with (for example amazon) to automatically get the affiliate ID attached to it.


link I put in my blog post editor

changes in frontend to

What I have found:

The creator of the theme I’m using is offering something very close to what I’m looking for:

add_action(‘wpfepp_form_actions’, ‘link_change_custom’);
function link_change_custom($data){
if ( !empty( $_POST[‘rehub_offer_product_url’] ) ) {

$url = $_POST[‘rehub_offer_product_url’];

$checkdomain = ‘’;
if (!empty($url) && strpos($url, $checkdomain) !== false) :

$afftag = ‘myafftag-02’; //our affiliate ID
$affstring = ‘tag=’; // url parameter for affiliate ID

if (parse_url($url, PHP_URL_QUERY)): //check if link has query string
if (strpos($affstring, $url) !== false) : //check if link already has affiliate ID
$url = preg_replace(“/(“.$affstring.”).*?(z|&)/”, “$1”.$afftag.”$2″, $url);
$url = $url.’&’.$affstring.$afftag;
$url = $url.’?’.$affstring.$afftag;


update_post_meta( $data[‘post_id’], ‘rehub_offer_product_url’, esc_url($url) );

The problem:

It only works on links that are stored in the field “rehub_offer_product_url”, but I want it to work on any links to amazon I put in the content of my blog posts.

I appreciate any help.

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