get Options value in "external" page

I’ve create a really small plugin. This plugin add one filter :

add_filter(‘the_content’, ‘BlueSteelAPI’, 5);

BlueSteelAPI is calling my API. I’ve create an admin page for register the secret key password. That’s Ok.

But, in my plugin directory, i’ve this other page :

The goal of this page is to receive some Post Data and send it to my API for get a reference for a command.

But, “$secretKey” is in the “Options” table of wordpress. How can I get this data?

I can make a query like “select option_value from options where option_name = ‘secretKey'”

But, is there a better way to get this data?


I’ve find this solution but i think, it’s not really nice. I’ve put it in the top my other page…

require( ‘../../../wp-blog-header.php’);

$option = $wpdb->get_results(‘SELECT * FROM ‘. $wpdb->prefix.’options where option_name in (‘bluesteel_secretkey’, ‘bluesteel_sitekey’)’);
$secretKey = $option[0]->option_value;
$apiKey = $option[1]->option_value;

Can’t seem to remove AdSense plugin? [on hold]

I installed a plugin called easy adsenser I think. I set it up and realised I wasn’t getting much results so I removed it, using the remove plugin link. it still showed ads though, it really annoyed me so I went to `wp-contents plugins and removed manually. It still shows ads on my site.

Is there a way o rebuild and remove possibly cached plugins and configuration.


Fighting the Space Between Inline Block Elements (cit) [on hold]

Using the great plugin called list-category-posts I encountered a problem as I’m styling list elements display: inline.

The plugin generates the list and I’d like to use one of the trick described here to avoid a white space after each element of the list.
I tried to access the default.php template file and, for instance, erase the closing tag as they suggest in the link I provided above:

//Close li tag
$lcp_display_output .= ”;

but nothing happens so I decided to ask around since it may be useful for others.

Looking forward for some clues!
Thank you very much.

How do I enable the WooCommerce Breadcrumbs? [on hold]

I created a template to show on my site as mention here and assumed that breadcrumbs would be visible along with the other shop features, but at the moment they do not show at all.

I have seen the code from the support page but when I try to add that into WooCommerce.php templates, it gives an Error.

can somebody have an Idea why breadcrumbs not show