carrying custom wordpress query variable throughout session

I’m creating a wordpress site that needs to have two distinct versions. The changes in the two are only frontend, and will be very minimal so I don’t want to create two separate sites.

Instead, I’d like to pass a query string along that dictates whether or not to serve the prop version.

People will access the prop site by going to Once they’re there, I need that “prop=1” to be carried over when they click any link on the blog. I could do this by hand in all of the templates, taking all the links and making sure to append that query to them, but I’d like to do it in an automated way.

Basically, if that query var is there, carry it through to any links that person clicks on the site. If it’s not, then serve regular links. I’m also open to using session variables, but someone should be able to visit the prop and regular sites at the same time in separate windows, so I’m not sure if that will work.

Read more here: carrying custom wordpress query variable throughout session

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