WordPress main category with ghost categories

I wonder if there is any possibility to select a “main” category for a post, but also select “ghost” categories, so that a wordpress post only shows the main category but also appears on the other categories.

Example page: https://interestingengineering.com/autonomous-cars

If you go to that page you get all posts within the category autonomous-cars. However if you open for example the article about “The Future of Flying: A Japanese Flying Car Takes to the Skies” the main category on that site is “industry/vehicles”:


For me the main category would be industry/vehicles and the other categories where the post appears would be ghost categories.

Also I would like to know if the permalink structure could be preserved. Above example shows root/slug, however I would like to have root/main_category/slug.

Thank you in advance.

Read more here:: WordPress main category with ghost categories

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