Woocommerce External Product API

I’m working on a project that will need to sync products between a client portal and WordPress. At this point I’m thinking WooCommerce might be the best solution.

After examining a few other plugins I’m unsure what would be the best solution. The options seem to be:

1) Use WooCommerce REST API to import products.

2) Use our own API and importing to WooCommerce within our plugin.

With option 1 or 2 we could either:

a) Allow full product customization but flagging orders we can not fulfill (price too low)

b) Allow no customization on WooCommerce and clients only edit certain fields in portal

3) Have not seen this but believe it could be possible to create products that don’t exist in WooCommerce DB but are thrown into product archive/single pages then forced through checkout.

My biggest fear with option 1 or 2 which seem to be the most common route is data integrity. Does anyone have any experience with anything similar and suggestions? While I did see similar questions, I didn’t see any architectural suggestions.

Read more here:: Woocommerce External Product API

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