Taxonomy in taxonomy permalink structure

I have a custom post type advert and two taxonomies advert-category and advert-location.

By default it looks like:
…/ads/advert-category/ archive for categories
…/place/advert-location/ archive for locations

I want to change my permalinks structure looks like:

to filter (query) posts by two taxonomies at once.

For example, in link …/ads/cars/usa/new-york

cars is advert-category
usa/new-york is advert-location (parent and child)

So, in fact we have 3 types of links:

…/ads/cars/ – all cars
…/ads/cars/usa/ – all cars in USA
…/ads/cars/usa/new-york all cars in New York

Deleting the last part of URL will redirect us on top level.

Is there are any tutorials how to do this?

Read more here:: Taxonomy in taxonomy permalink structure

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