tags stripped from coding

When creating pages on my website, I like to be in control of what goes on with the coding so I can also add in my own css styling. On top of that, using the WordPress WYSIWYG editor (called visual editor in WordPress) you get a lot of bloat in the code. Due to this I use the code editor all the time. This stops all the unnecessary commenting etc. the WYSIWYG editor puts into the coding but there is one annoying thing which is happening which I cannot seem to stop.

When demarcating paragraphs with

tags, these tags get stripped from my coding and double carriage returns are put in their place by WordPress when you publish the page. When the page is called as a visitor, the

tags are in the code when viewing it in the code inspector within Firefox, but is Firefox automatically adding the

tags when downloading the html from the server, or is the WordPress php re-formatting the html to comply with w3c standards?

Either way, this surely is slowing the website down? How can this be controlled too?

Read more here:: <a href=https://wordpress.stackexchange.com/questions/333221/p-p-tags-stripped-from-coding target="_blank" title="

tags stripped from coding” rel=nofollow>

tags stripped from coding

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