Suspect incomplete .pot file – what to do?

I’m trying to translate the “Organize Series”-plugin. I have already translated all 166 sentences in the .pot file located in the lang folder of the plugin, however it looks incomplete.

Many sentences stay untranslated in the admin section.
The listed sentences are outdated, so I suspect the .pot-file belongs to an older version.
Some translations are available, but don’t get applied for some reason, like the one for `This entry is part %post_number% of %total_number_of_posts% in the series `

Which options do I have? Am I able to create my own .pot file for the plugin? I tried reaching out to the dev but I can’t get into the WordPress forums (deafblind and CAPTCHA protection don’t match, will have to wait for sighted help) and support by email is only available after purchasing a support ticket.

Anything I myself could do or will I have to reach out to the dev on the WordPress forum?

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