Programmatically add Yoast meta description after post save

I’m building a website and I need to have the Yoast description programmatically added after saving a post (a custom post type in my case).

Now, since I’m using Advanced Custom Fields, and I also need some custom fields populated programmatically, I created a function in functions.php and called it this way:

add_action( ‘acf/save_post’, ‘atc_set_element_intro’, 20 );

…so it’s fired every time a post is saved.
This is the function:

function atc_set_element_intro( $post_id ){
if( get_post_type( $post_id ) == ‘giochi’ ){

// [CUT]
// Here I generate the strings ($intro and $intro_y) to fill the custom fields with

update_field( ‘field_5d0be8f40addf’, $intro, $post_id );
update_post_meta( $post_id, ‘_yoast_wpseo_metadesc’, $intro_y );
} else {

Now, the “update_field” works perfectly fine, and it adds a value on a custom field of my choice. The “update_post_meta” isn’t working, unless I add a die() or wp_die() after it. In that case, I see a blank screen on save, and then checking my post I see that it added the Yoast description I wanted.
But of course I can’t die() on that function.

I guess there’s something after the execution of that function that rewrites the Yoast description.
What can I do to prevent that?
Thank you.

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