New post submitted by users is not being organised into the right directory

I am fairly new to WordPress and I feel embarrassed having to ask for help on what is probably a very basic issue, but I assure you that this comes after a lot of research and attempts to troubleshoot. My friend and I are creating a revision resource sharing platform and we want users to be able to submit their content on the site. Our site has a submission form, and I have created sub menu items by creating new taxonomies for Level (e.g. GCSE or A-Level) and Specification (e.g. AQA or Edexcel) and leaving the categories for subjects (e.g. Maths or Chemistry). When creating a new post, the theme we purchased only allows the user to select the category of their post (i.e. subject), but when approving the post, we can choose the other taxonomies I made e.g. Level and Specification and although this is not ideal, there are other major problems to first deal with (we will probably have to invest even more into a form builder). Why is it that the post does not get submitted under the correct menu directory e.g. under Economics when the user chooses Economics as the category? The site is called Sorry if that is not clear enough. In other words, have I structured the menus wrongly, as I have added the categories, then level, then specification as the different menu layers? Thank you in advance, as you would not be able to appreciate how grateful I would be for any help!

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