Navigation Menu Expander & Logo in WordPress

I am creating my own wordpress theme, however I am an extreme beginner to not only coding but wordpress also. I am just wondering, how do you create a more versatile way to display the_custom_logo without setting pixel width and height. Can I assign I class to it? On another one of my sites (w/ a pre-built theme) I can target the logo using site-branding .img in css and setting a width using % and also deciding where to place it. Speaking of placement, how could I have that logo image line up with my vertical navigation menu?

One issue with my menu is that there is actually a submenu under “Expeditions” however it does not display. I only want it to display when someone is on the page “Expeditions”. I had it working to only display when hovering, however I cannot get it to display when on the active page. I got the highlight to work when on the active page, but I just need help with the submenu.

If you need to look at the css, html, or php just comment or something and I will give it to you happily.

Here is the link to my site.

Any advice is greatly appreciated, and I thank you in advance.

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