facetwp orderby metakey & post status

A facetwp question here:
im building a website with listify theme (based on wp job manager) & using facetwp to filter results.
at listify theme there is an option to get some listings as a featured (sticky listing on top of the search)
at my facetwp im sorting the results order by the “featured” meta key (‘_featured’)
the thing is, after a listing get expired, its still getting featured (sticky to top).
i want to display both expired & publish posts – the expired listings should be at the bottom regardless the meta key.
i think this could be done by disabling facetwp meta keys index on expired post status.

any thoughts & insight will be much appreciated!

this is the query im using:
“post_status” => array(‘expired’, ‘publish’),
“orderby” => array(
“meta_value_num” => “DESC”,
“rand” => “ASC” ),
“meta_key” => “_featured”,

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