Custom dropdown list taxonomy not saved

I’m currently modifying a theme, freelanceengine, and I’d to add some customs fields in profile editing page.
I succeed in creating the customs fields but my changes are not saved

<div id=”region_f” class=”fre-input-field”>

ae_tax_dropdown( ‘region’,
‘attr’ => ‘data-chosen-width=”100%” data-validate_filed = “‘ . $validate_region . ‘” data-chosen-disable-search=”” data-placeholder=”‘ . __( “Sélectionner votre région”, ET_DOMAIN ) . ‘”‘,
‘class’ => ‘fre-chosen-single’,
‘hide_empty’ => 0,
‘hierarchical’ => false,
‘id’ => ‘region’,
‘selected’ => $region_arr,
‘show_option_all’ => __( “Sélectionner votre région”, ET_DOMAIN );

The var is define like this :

$region = isset( $profile->tax_input[‘region’][0] ) ? $profile->tax_input[‘region’][0]->name : ”;

I’d like to save the value of the taxonomy region and show it in the Front end but I can’t find how this theme does it.

Any clues ? Thank you

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